This cold weather does not need to be dull. You deserve to rock the trendiest of looks despite the rains. Consider it like ray of sunshine to enlighten the gloomy mood that come with the dark clouds. Fret not, we got you fam. Here are some of the stylish stuff to rock during this cold weather.

The Beret

The beret is back and, thanks to Instagram, cooler than ever. From  the likes of Bad Gal Riri, Bella Hadid, and all your favorite influencers, there are an endless number of ways to wear the French hat this season.This beret is a handy accessory that brings some warmth and edge to your head.It is the ultimate headgear.

Colourful Bomber Jackets
Thanks to the Fenty x Puma Collection, the colourful bomber jackets are a bang. Not only do they bring some light to a dull day, but they are also super warm.

Fur Coats

These have been trending for quite some time and they are still cool to rock. This unisex look brings a statement to the outfit so make sure that you don’t wear it on top of anything you want seen. This fur coat reigns.

The leather dress/skirt

Not only do these dresses accentuate the figure but they are very warm to rock. Short and sassy, ankle-length and utterly or deliciously irresistible styles are good to go. You could also have them as shirt-shaped and smart if you are looking for an overwhelmingly grown-up look.


Denim Jackets

Another style that has not gone out of fashion is the denim. In this cold weather, the best way to rock them is on top of a hoodie of your choice. Check out how this trio did justice to denim.


Platform Boots

This trendy footwear makes you look taller and legs slimmer. If you want to be unique and different, then you should go for the platforms to stand out from the crowd.You can always tone down the length of the heel to avoid being too outstanding .I love to see neon hipsters wearing such footwear.

Happy shopping if you do not have any of the above items.Oh, and don’t forget to stay warm.