He started rapping way back in his high school days. Collo was a rap maestro even at form two, and yours truly The Insyder was there to witness it all. He was a part of the successful early 2000s rap trio Kleptomaniax. There is no doubt that Collo aka Collins Majale is a pioneer when it comes to the local music scene.

He has been away from the music scene for a while, probably focusing on his beautiful young family, but the rapper is back with what is to be a sure hit. The track called Bazokizo, features Bruz Newton. It is an upbeat feel good song that makes you just want to dance. And her is the amazing part-it has its own dance move to go with it; bazokizo

Bazokizo is a victory dance and celebration of salvation. For the 90s babies, you will sure get a familiar beat from this track. The melodious song borrows from the massively popular Macarena hit from back in the day.  The rap song has a lyrical blend of swahili and sheng and has some English too.

Check out the catchy tune below and enjoy