We have all experienced those times where the people we look up to suddenly vanish and re-emerge after a while. They leave us looking for answers on why, and when they will make a return. That’s the life most celebrities leave but very few make an impact on their comeback. The insider plug takes a look at a few celebrities who made the uncommon choice but still managed to attract attention on their return.

  1. Nyashinski
The Comeback King – Nyash

Who seriously doesn’t love this guy? From the era of Kleptomaniax to his solo career now, he is a force to reckon. He left the stage when Klepto was dominating the headlines and was getting booked night after night. Heading to the USA without early warning, Nyash left his fan base his quite troubled and without a successor to carry on his legacy. After a few years of silence, the king jetted back into the country and immediately hit the studio releasing hit after hit, beginning with Now You Know in 2016. He is now the headline of the music industry in Kenya and one of the most-watched artists.

  1. Elani
Kenya’s hottest Trio

Tormenting the music industry back in the days was this great trio. Leaving nothing to chance, the group was producing quality content that used to top charts in the country. Then they suddenly took a break after their hit song a few years ago. Two years ago, the trio came back and set on to produce numerous songs with their latest one being Joto that is ruling the airwaves.

  1. Westlife
Westlife on their return to Music

The Irish boy band used to rule the airwaves from 1998 to 2012 when they decided to split and go solo. Raiding the charts with songs like “ I Have a Dream”, and “Seasons in the Sun”, the break-up of the group was shocking and heartbreaking for all fans. Then in 2018, they formally announced that they were back. Releasing “Hello My Love” on 10th January 2019, the quartet showed that they were back in full swing and most of their songs since the reunion have begun topping charts once again.


Even with the heartbreaking moments where our celebs take the time off, we all desire the times they hit the studios once again. No matter the kind of genre you are into, the hits that artists make on their comeback are why we even listen to them and support them like never before.