She was once a legend, now she’s barely a shadow of who she used to be. But that’s not the saddest part of the story.

“The family Uses The Boxer as a Cash Cow And Her Brothers Use Her Donations As School Fees For Their Children.”


In 2009, Conjestina begun to act in a very abnormal way, she removed her son from school,wanted to burn all her belts and disposed of all the equipment she had in her gymnasium. This caused her father to appeal for help from Kenyan for his daughter who was admitted to Mathare more than twice.

Now a model based in Nairobi is accusing Conje’s family of using the funds donated to her for their own use. The family on the other hand is accusing the model of planning with a bank official to lock them out of the bank and M-pesa account as signatories. “Some people think I eat money collected to help Conje get medication, but let me ask you, I gave birth to her, can I be that mean?” Conje’s mother asks in luo.Conje-baada-ya-kuwehukaCONJE-06092012366

The model responded to  the family saying that the account was closed due to their greed. She says the account only ever got 23,000kshs since people knew of the family’s tendency to use her as what she calls a cash cow. The boxer is still in rehabilitation, but the problem is who is saying the truth.

left:The model Eveleen Mingoye with conje
left:The model Eveleen Mingoye with conje

Who will save our beloved Conjestina?

By: Joan Rangara