School breaks could be interesting and boring at the same time it all depends with what one chooses to do.It’s easy to get into a lazy mode and create a nap fest.However,it is necessary to be involved in things that you have fun while doing and add value to your life.

  • Try out a new Recipe.

The normal obvious recipes are at times boring and cliche.How about finding a new recipe and trying it out at home?This could be a great way to spend time and you will not only enjoy the process but also the meal afterwards.This is a plus since you will have also improved on your cooking skills.You could even invite your friends over and bond while trying out the new recipe.

  • Make new friends and catch up with the old ones.

Friends form an integral part of a human being.Everyone wants to make new friends and know what the old ones have been up to.Plan for a meet up with your friends at your favorite joint,order for that pizza,burger or sandwich and have a chit chat.This will not only strengthen your bond but also give you a chance to learn something new.Be nice to everyone you meet,say hello,give them a smile and share your contacts as well that’s how friendships are created.

  • Evaluate your progress.

Plans are made in order to achieve a certain goal. Any move towards the right direction is considered as a progress.In the beginning of the term you must have had resolutions that would guide you through the term.Being in session might turn out to be a busy time and tracking your progress would be hard.But here is the break use it to see what you have achieved so far,what has hindered your progress and revise on your strategies.

  • Take part in an outdoor activity.

In the current world internet has become an idol that most people worship.This has led to many people opting to stay indoors and google all day or even use the social media platforms to keep in touch with friends.This acts as a catalyst to laziness.How about trying out skating or even going hiking with friends?This could help you free your mind,take photos and appreciate the beauty of adventure.Strive to make new memories and live the moment.

  • Update your style

Style is an expression of preference especially when it comes to fashion.Many fashion trends have popped and keeping up with them would be an interesting venture.Watch those fashion videos,check out fashion blogs,and be on the watch out on what’s trending .Learn that new way of wrapping a turban,find out if the casual look you want to pull out is really the way to go.Then go ahead and be creative with what you will have .This will enable you to look cool and even more confident as you pose for the gram.

It’s all about becoming better and having fun as you do it.Put your creativity into action and live life as it unfolds.