Transparency Maldives is organising a poster competition themed “Corruption Robs Us All” to commemorate the International Anti-Corruption Day – 9th December 2014.

maldives bannerYou should articulate and draw attention to corruption and its detrimental affects on people on their everyday life. You can focus on separate sectors (e.g. youth, women, health, education, housing, etc) or on development generally.

Who can take part in the Competition?
The competition is open for everyone.

How to submit your poster:
• Fill the entry form (download Entry Submission Form) and send it with your posters;
• You must send in your posters with entry form on or before 30th November 2014 by 5:00pm, to the following address:

Transparency Maldives
7th Floor, MF Building
Chandhanee Magu
Male’, Maldives

• For more information, call 300 4017 or mail to

maldivesWhat are the rules of the Competition?
• Posters must incorporate creative and original artwork and ideas. Depictions of cartoon, video game, and movie/television characters; celebrities; movie themes; and past poster designs do not constitute creativity and originality;
• Posters must be no larger than A2 (59.4 X 42 cm) and no smaller than A4 (29.7 X 21 cm).
• You should refrain from writing your name or other identifying information on the front of your poster;
• Your poster can be designed using illustration, photography, typography, mixed media or any graphic design technique you choose.
• Avoid using any copyrighted or trademarked materials or objects as elements of your design. Computer clip art, pictures from magazines and other print media, or any other copyrighted brand or product images will not be accepted;
• By submitting a poster, participants give permission for their work to be displayed at various Transparency Maldives events, in publications and promotional material, and in electronic format on the internet;
• Failure to comply with the guidelines could result in a disqualification of the poster.
• Scanned files should be not more than 5MB and not less than 1MB.

Selection and Prize:
The posters will be judged based on the following criteria
1. Relation to the theme – 30%
2. Artistry – 10%
3. Creativity – 20%
4. Originality – 10%
5. Ability to communicate a clear and positive message – 30%

Cash PrizeThe winning entries shall receive the following prize:
• First prize: MVR 7,000 (Ksh 40,900)
• Second Prize: MVR 4,000 (Ksh 23,400)
• Third Prize: MVR 2,500 (Ksh 14,600)

Selected posters will be displayed at an exhibition to commemorate the 2014 Anti-Corruption Day.