Avril the song bird has been on the spotlight for landing one big role. This was after she was chosen as a global artist at an international family planning conference by Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

The conference which took part in Rwanda saw the coming together of many artists from around the world. Avril could not hide her joy as she embraced her new international role.


Avril went on a joyous outburst on social media. This is after she got a chance to share to meet the South African music legend Yvonne ChakaChaka. In an instagram she shares her sentiments:

‘I type this as I balance my tears so that no one can see how emotional I am right now back stage .. okay maybe a drop or two rolled down lol. Heavenly Father you know what I have gone through to get on this stage .. you have wiped my tears, held me as I screamed, healed my pain, wiped the mud some so gleefully felt like they could throw at me. This year alone you have made not one of my dreams come true, I kiss my blessing every morning. This short video may seem like a small thing but for me I don’t take this introduction for granted .. not one bit .. #GratefulHeart #CountingMyBlessings #ICFP2018 #YvonneChakaChaka #YuleDame’