Leaving dad at home alone with the kids is just asking for trouble.

This collection of snaps, collected by Bored Panda, shows the most foolish dad fails ever committed.

Fathers, don’t go getting any ideas!

Check out some of the crazy pictures below

It's a truth universally acknowledged... that leaving dad at home alone with the kids is just asking for trouble. Pictured: A barmy dad gives his 'biker' baby a beard and tattooAnd as these side-splitting photos prove, one dad plus a bunch of small children equals some terrible - yet hilarious - ideas. Pictured: A dad decides his baby is an oversized kewiA barmy dad even tucked his baby's arms into a pair of child's tights, to stop the infant wriggling free. In the picture, the youngster looks less than impressed'I leave my husband with the baby for ten minutes,' moaned the Reddit user who posted this hilarious photo of her angry-looking infantThis bizarre picture was captioned: 'My husband may have gone too far in dressing our son like an old man for school today'Egg on your face: This daughter wears a pancake courtesy of her joker father. 'You can tell me I'm a bad dad but this one is staying in the baby album', read the captionIt's bath time: This dad clearly had a great time giving his baby some extravagant hairdos with bubbles'This is how I wanted to spend father's day': A dad has his ideal father's day - sitting in a tub playing video games while his children wait on him with beer and towels