For the Kidogo Tu singer, javing to town, walking to the shop, grabbing one in a kalocal or even fixing his own aerial does it, matter of fact; he was once spotted on his crib’s roof top fixing his aerial.
He hasn’t been spared either, he lost his dendai just because he is a celeb (they both claim), worse still a chick he was tuning turned him down on grounds that when celebs tune a chick, their intention is to hit en run.



bahatiFor this Groove award winner, apparently this dude cannot handle seeing a huge pile of food in his plate, not because he can’t eat a lot of food but because he fears people might judge him when they see him acting upon a huge plate filled to the brim.
He eats in a restaurant, so he ends up getting home half full!!!!!
Definitely, he ain’t the Bahati guys thought they knew.

So you would expect this guy to dance to his tunes alone in a party????…Hell No!!! This celeb, who hasn’t changed his cronies due to the celebrity status, was once spotted in a party singing and dancing along to a song by another local artiste.
He says he rarely listens to himself.
Definitely, the kind of attitude we want in Kenyan artists.

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