The statement that beauty is in the eye of the beholder has never been more true than when you look at the kind of ink these people have chosen for their skin. Some of these bizarre tattoo designs are baffling, such as the human belly branding, zipped-up inks and bizarre rainbow eyebrow tattoos.

weird-tattoo-4Now this one I have no words for. Who exactly is this tattoo supposed to be for? Just thinking out loud here, so she shaved, had the tat painted on, then there is that healing period, did she walk around with her arm stretched as it is? I get there are tats you wanna hide, but the arm pits-as in seriously?weird tatoos-8Why would someone in their right mind want to tattoo eye balls on their eye lids? I mean common, beats the whole purpose of the eyelid, doesn’t it?weird_tattoos_5‘Popping’ tattoos never cease to amaze. Psychiatrists have come up with multiple personality disorder. Could the ones who ink people coming of their skin be suffering from this disease? There are also all sorts of myths and untruths surrounding the existence of other beings within ourselves-story for another day.Weird-Tattoo-3On more weird places in the body, comes this tat located behind the knee. This could be cool at times-only if people are looking at the back of your knees as you raise from your seat…it could look like the skin is ripping open and an eye ball is popping out. Then I ask, ‘who would we be looking at the back of your knees?weird tatoos-6The madness does not end there my friends…some have taken inking to another level!! There are now tongue tattoos. Sit there with your tongue sticking out for do you eat? Or perhaps print on all the bad words so you don have to say them. This way when someone pisses you off you just stick out your tongue at them.weird tatoos-10She will not pierce her ears, instead she will ink it. You know makes perfect logic to ink onto cartilage than to just use a piercing gun. This is now the ultimate ornament. You don gotta take it off and it does not prick like other earrings do lest you forget to remove them before bed.weird tatoos-9These injury tats can be placed anywhere on the boy in any form of injury. Now this genius decided gunshot wounds were his thing. It is indeed smarter to get inked wounds than be a gangster and die from the real wounds. This is a smart kid; he’s a safe gangster. LoL.weird-tattoos-2Tattoos are no longer flat images. Tattoo artists have now become super pros. They have developed 3D tattoos. Most people opt to have a cyber-gene something done, but not this guy, he is a hero in himself, so had his superman suit inked under his skin. These tattoos when done properly can easily fool the eyes to believing the image is real.weird-tattoos-7I shall end this collection with love. Talk of keeping your babies close. Mums, and all women in general, are claimed to be nurturers and hung onto their kids even after they are grown. You know, forever 3 yrs old. This lady took this “nurturing state” further to share a panty with her inked baby.

By Zahra/Charles