Creamrose is the talk of the town right now. And she didn’t get involved in an election scandal, or maybe abuse a politician, no. Who is Creamrose by the way, you ask? Well, Creamrose is socialite whose body is one to die for. “I’m a flower, give me a chance to blossom,” one of her Gram posts reads.

Why is she the talk of the town? Lass can tweeeeerk!! She in fact has posted several nudes on her Gram, showing off her light skin and the ASSests to the drooling world. And it might be working for her. Another thing that stands out once you set your eyes on her is her hairstyle.

Check out some of her posts that have sent tongues wagging;

Just minding my business…as usual 🤗💙🖤#creamrosetheicon #selflove #africanbeauty👸🏼

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She has a whooping 24K followers but folows only 29. Amongst those he follows are Amber Rose, who seemingly is her role model (see that second name, see?), Cardi B and Blac Chyna. This got me wondering, is she passing a message?

And then there’s this

Am the worst problem …and the only perfect solution 🤙🏽🍾🥂😝#creamrosetheicon #YOLO#tbt

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Who’s this girl though? As y’all can see, she’s creamy, and then rosy!