The Education CS, Fred Matangi mentioned that Form 4’s will remain cooped up in school for a total of 9 weeks? No breaks? No outings? No seeing family? No ‘funkiez’? You know what this smells like? A new wave of strikes and wanton destruction of school property.

It baffles to think of how such a decision would be made. It’s almost as if the welfare of the students was not put into consideration. The 8-4-4 education system seems to put much emphasis on a final exam after four years of study and it’s only logical and fair to allow the students sometime to blow off steam from the long study before they can embark on the rigorous 2 to 3 weeks of exams.

This decision might hold ground in the sense that it will curb exam cheating but also it offers many loopholes as to whether or not it’s the best directive issued and how effective it will work. Matiang’i also canceled visiting days in boarding schools as well as mid-term breaks. He also extended the second term of the current year by one week.


We wait to see how this unravels.

What’s your take on this?