0513-lady-gaga-ring-2If you got something special on Valentine’s Day, I bet it was a box of chocolate, flowers, a teddy bear with a t-shirt written ‘I love you’ ETC. Well lady gaga got more than a box of chocolate, she is legally engaged to her longtime boyfriend Taylor Kendell. She flaunted her heart shaped rock on Instagram which her fiancé Taylor Kinney proposed to her on Valentine’s Day. Gaga and Taylor met at the set of Gaga’s video set “you and I” where they have been dating since 2012 but had separated for a while then got back together.
Taylor Kinney is an American actor and model who has stared in several films like Chicago fire, U.S Navy, the other woman and the teen hit series vampire diaries.

Lady gaga is a mega hit star with great influence in the world. Gaga is a multi-awarded star with her songs hitting chats all the time. Gaga is known for her bizarre fashion and entrances at the red carpet. Well I can’t disagree more lady gaga is gaga naturally.Gaga’s life is more of public than private, all her Nitty gritty details are known by the whole world. I wonder how she handles all that pressure from her fans, positive or negative she still we always have fans around every single time.
My point is gaga is going private, I guess it was one of her 2015 resolutions going private. The world is less crazy without her being out there, something is really missing in showbiz. People do change and gaga is changing for the worst or maybe the best.

Lady Gaga dresses in crazy outfits and crowd surfs at a concert in Toronto, Canada
If she is laying it low I guess that’s why Madonna is shining in her lime light which was initially hers but taken over by this 27 year old pop star lady gaga. That shouldn’t be why she’s been so quiet or is it?Even celebrities want to get even against each other. Finally lady gaga is engaged and hopefully will be someones wife some months to come. Before even the engagement how did Taylor get to see her or even get to date her with all this confusing bizarre things she does it’s really hard to determine because for a fact we are all not the same. I wonder how the wedding will be, where it will be who will attend what will they wear this questions trigger in my head as if this is my very own wedding, sadly it’s not.

Am free to ask this question because this is lady gaga we talking, the craziest pop star in her time. If she wore meat to a red carpet meeting our wonder if her brides’ maids will also wear the same bizarre outfits as she did.

By Janiana Wangari