Dad logic is hard to explain, but you just know the type of humor that most dads possess. It usually consists of a sarcastic comment, or a long and winding story that leads to a cheesy punchline. Dads are shameless, here are some memes and photos that perfectly explain dad logic, but don’t show your dad, we don’t want to encourage them or let their ego get any bigger.

1. How to get your kid to stay within the speed limit1. speed limit

2. This made no sense as a kid, still doesn’t even now. If YOU are tired, why am I the one going to bed?2. no sense

3. Problem solved: Dad taught me not to waste food3. problem solved

4. Dads on punishment4. punishement

5. Bonding time5. bonding time

6. Life advice6. life advise

7. Christmas day gift: This is horrifyingly awkward7. Christmas Present

8. Dad advice part two8. dad advise

9. Dad gifts: level one9. Dad Gifts

10. Dad gifts: level two10. dad gift 2

11. Epic: How to combine dad duty with gaming duties11. Gaming dad

12. Bath time – dad edition12. Dad bath time

13. What happens when it is dad’s turn to cook13. dad cook time

14. Dad logic when it comes to clothing14. dad dressing

15. The dad friendly onesie15. dressing instructions

Source: Diply