How rich does one have to be in order to own an array of guns and weapons that almost resemble artillery? How wealthy must one have to be to only operate between Los Angeles and Vegas regularly, as part of an extremely lavish life? How much money does one have in order to employ a lady during a poker game just to…wait for it…stroke your beard?

Oh, you don’t believe me? Well watch the video below and skip to 1:43:39?

She does it to so much hilarity.

Well, you have to be as wealthy as Dan Bilzerian, the man crowned by his followers as the king of instagram. With over 7 million followers and a daily average increase of 20,000, the title is rightfully deserving of him.

The former US Navy Seals Trainee, actor, professional poker player and self-proclaimed venture capitalist has a lot of money, and he is not shy of showing it. Look at some of his posts below:

With his two loves:

Dan Bilzerian Girl n MoneyHis most notable item in his large car collection, a Brabus AMG which costs Kshs. 56 million!

Dan Bilzerian CarFor more of Instagram’s Playboy, you can following him @danbilzerian