The last time we heard of him was when he produced the song ‘Nah Sell Out’ back in 2010 when he had some long dreads and was dark in complexion.

But the lad is now back with a new image characterized by lightened skin,piercings and tattoos.In other words,Khago has bleached his skin in a move deemed to try get more attention to his career.

He seems to be following in the footsteps of fellow artists,Vybz Kartel and Alkaline,who may attribute their success in dancehall music to skin bleaching.

Khago,however,faced a lot of criticism from social media with most fans claiming he will just be another sell out.

In an interview with Zip103 FM on Saturday (April 2), Khago seemingly confirmed the speculation.

“Mi know di people dem a talk. And me a seh the bleaching argument stale out, Kartel done tell dem dat already,” he said.

Khago bleach

“I feel seh people free fi do wah dem waan do wid demself, because me nah go out an do tings fi harm other people,” he added.

He added: “A music we a do and we just feel fi mek a change inna wi life.”

Khago told the station that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but they should also be mindful that “you have one life to live”.

“When it come on to how you feel to carry yourself, mi feel trimming my hair have nothing to do wid nobody. A me grow it,” he said.