1.Even if everything that she does is adorable and cute. DO NOT call her cute!

Girls know that guys don’t want someone “cute”. They want a girl that’s “hot”. It is an insult to refer to her as cute when, in her mind, she is super hot.short girls

2.Please don’t give her a pet name like, “tiny”. This is NOT acceptable.

Just to be clear, “shorty” doesn’t work either. If you need a pet name go for babe, honey, baby or something similar. All “small” references are off limits.

3.Do not pick her up.

She is not a puppy, kitten or baby. She is your girlfriend! (Unless it is done as a romantic gesture).short girls 2

4. Short girls have a better sense of humor.

Inside of that tiny package is a huge personality that she is dying to show off!

5.Don’t underestimate her.

She’s been bullied her whole life and is used to fighting to get her way so don’t even try it!

6.She doesn’t mind being little.

The only time that it bothers her is when people make such a big deal about it. Being small is not a bad thing.

7.Don’t put things out of her reach or she’ll make you get them every time.

Every time. So keep it low.short girls 3

well that’s a good heads up for all guys who wish to have short girlfriend.

by; NaNa