asDating a celeb could be one of the coolest thing in life. The glamour and the hype, not to mention the attention. Well as cool as it might sound, I have to say not all that glitters is gold. Are you sure you really want to date a musician or actor? Here are some things that you ought to know before you validate your dream.

1. People will hit on them and you will be there to watch

After their performances and tours, they will definitely have fans that have a crush on them. Others even fall in love with them and rest assured as much as he or she tells you that you are the most beautiful or handsome person they have seen, you will see others that they get attracted to. So if you can’t tame jealousy in you, you’d better scam because they will expect you to be OK with it.  Especially if they have to act a love or sexy scene with someone else who is not you.

2. You will not always come first in the relationship

As much as they love you, they also love what they do. So if you’re the type to complain that you are not being given first priority, start packing your bags honey.  Sometimes those special routine times that you spent together will have to wait; it’s no longer the most important thing.

3. They ought to be your best singer/band/actor

The moment you get into that relationship, it is like signing a contract that says you now have a blind side to the other competitors he/she has. Whether or not you feel their music 100%, they will have to be your best lest you want domestic issues to arise.

4. Your lifestyle changes

If you thought you were that girl that keeps it simple in life and dresses in a way that you rarely get noticed. Think again, especially if they are to make an appearance with you on their side. My dear, you will have to change. Wear those 6 inch heels that you thought you’d only get buried in and those short dresses that display your thighs like a new shoe on stock in a Bata shop. Your social life is now their business. You now no longer hang in those shady places you discovered with your childhood friends. Your image now reflects theirs.

5. You’d better have the correct compliments

Most especially if you live together, they will often ask you about random things like; “What do you think of how I’m dressed” or “How do like this new piece I am working on?” You will no longer answer honestly. Imagine saying that a song is pathetic if he/she has worked on it for almost one week? That’s simply starting a war.  Well if you have to tell the truth, it will have to be carefully phrased in order to avoid hurting him or her.

By: Louisa Nungari