Dating older women is turning out to be a fancy activity for most young men. What is the fantasy that comes with this notion? One thing that is known for sure is that the love for money is what attracts these young men.

Older women who might have divorced with their husbands or not dated dated in a long time. Some women in this category might actually be interested in these young men for a long lasting relationship. Others may just want a fling and after it all they go their own way.

Dating older women may be a dangerous undertaking. This may be caused by various factors on personal and societal levels.

First things first, the dating an older woman will mean you ad a young guy will have a different lifestyle compared to her. The older women might have made it in their lives while the young men are still trying to develop themselves. Their lifestyles might not match as much as they try and enjoy their different luxuries. Young guys may have a hype lifestyle while older women enjoy simple pleasures in life like just sitting and enjoying their weekends at home. This might bring a conflict in the relationship thus causing a breakup.

Family issues might also arise. Imagine dating a woman who has kids. It means that you as the twenty year old guy will have to act as a father figure. This means that you might not be the first priority as you might have thought. Past baggage of these older women might be placed upon these young men. Having to deal with someone’s past issues of ex boyfriends and broken relationships might be one of the most stressful things a young man will ever go through. This is because the young man will try and do everything in his power to make this lady happy, sometimes it might not even work.

Sexual escapades might be a hindrance in that kind of relationship. Women develop faster in terms of sexual matters compared to men. Their maturity levels are always ranked higher compared to men. Another proven fact is ladies get to their sexual peak at their older ages around 35-50 years. Men are termed to reach their sexual peak more at their younger ages. The problem comes in when one wants to take control of the ‘behind the scenes escapades’. Older women will mostly want these men just to keep up with their sexual activities. They might want to be excessively in control in the escapades.


Social status of both the people undertaking in the relationship might be at risk. Older women might be viewed lowly by the people in the same age group thus might want to keep their relationship with the younger man private. On the other hand, younger men might be seen as champions by their peers. This is because other than treading on unexplored territories they acquire a lot of wealth. The problem is the two cannot be seen in public together due to critics that might be passed by family and friends.

Another issue with such kinds of relationships is the ease of being thrown out of the window. By this i mean the older women might just use these young men as flings. The bedroom activities might be really good to some point and the money will obviously be given to these young men. immediately the women are done with these men they throw them out and move onto the next.

The only way to prevent these things might be to steer away from temptations like these. Some might work but a proven fact is most of these relationships end up in a very sorry state. Dating someone you are of the same age group might be the best option to build something to last for a long time.