There’s something exciting about going for the bad boy of a group, but that often leaves the nice guys behind. The saying goes that “nice guys finish last,” but they don’t always have to. There’s actually a lot of benefits to giving nice guys a chance, and you’ve just got to see past any prejudice and realise that you’d be super lucky to go for a nice guy.

1. He won’t mess with your head.
mind games guys

While the bad boy will sometimes try to play mind games with you, the nice guy doesn’t want to do that to you. Instead, he’ll be honest and always attentive.

2. He’s generous.

He won’t be rude or selfish, but instead he’ll want to treat you well. He’ll want to get you little things here and there to show you that he cares.

3. He means what he says, especially when he gives you compliments

He’ll compliment you and it will be sincere, whereas the bad boy will always have a hidden meaning or motivation behind it.

4. He’s nice to other people.
being nice

They say to really know someone’s character you’ve got to look at how they treat others, and the nice guy will treat others well.

5. He won’t ignore you.

He won’t leave you waiting for days for a text from him, instead, he’ll keep up a good flow of communication (without getting obsessive).

6. He’ll respect you.

He’ll treat you right, something that the bad boy probably won’t do. He’ll remember that you’re a person with feelings and he’ll respect that.

7. He cares about your opinion.
what do you think

He’ll ask for your input on things, especially dates, so you can both have a lot of fun and no one is miserable.

8. He’ll go out of his way to do nice things for you.

Whether a small gesture like pulling your chair out or a bigger one like bringing over chocolate after you’ve had a bad day, the nice guy will always go out of his way to make sure you know how special you are to him.

9. He’ll get along well with your family.
family dinner

Similar to treating others right, he’ll be respectful of your family, but also really get to know them and enjoy spending time with them.

10. He’ll want you to meet his friends.
group hug friends

The bad boy would never want you and his friends to cross paths, while the nice guy is eager for you to meet them, and he really wants you to get along with them.

11. He’ll take you on real, proper dates.
proper date

With the bad boy, “dates” are often just hanging out around his place or something, whereas the nice guy will take you out on a real date, wanting to show you off in public while he enjoys your company

Source : Teentimes