While we were singing ‘Daddy yo make me dance…’, Nigerian crooner David Adeleke was making his daddy dance. The superstar’s billionaire dad (Adedeji Adeleke) was celebrating his 60th birthday and his son used that opportunity to gift him a brand new Bentley. The birthday party happened in Atlanta Georgia US on Sunday.

The Bentley’s front-view

Davido1 Davido

The star shared photos of the car he had bought his father, valued at over KShs 18 million. But it doesn’t mean the boy’s wealth is something to scare the old man. You realise Davido calls himself ‘OBO’ which is short for “Omo Baba Olowo” which is Yoruba for ‘The son of a wealthy man’. Adedeji is a prolific businessman and investor who co-founded the Adeleke University in Nigeria. He owns various companies and has been involved in very many charitable works including building a multi-million Naira church, donated a hall to the university from which Davido would eventually graduate (Babcock University) and many more. His net worth is $700 million.

Well, but despite all the money, such an expensive gift from your son is quite something, no?