There’s always a silver lining in every cloud. On 20th September, at the Safaricom building, Nonini and Safaricom finally came to an agreement. After Safaricom used Nonini’s song to promote the 1 GB data bundle valid for 24 hours, he eventually got into partnership with him. What seemed to be a battling court case turned into a six months contract agreement. The contract is a win win situation.

Safaricom gets to use Nonini as a brand ambassador for their products and Nonini gets an opportunity to grow. On top of the contract, Safaricom have offered to support Nonini’s charity program. It involves helping kids with Albinism, “Color kwa Face.” On top of Nonini giving back to the community, he is also working on a new album. This will be launched in partnership with Safaricom.


This has turned out to be a happy ending for a story that seemed to be hitting the rocks. Both parties involved went home smiling. It not only gave both parties an opportunity to work together, but also saved them some money. Putting into consideration of our current economy state.