Ladies and Gentlemen, here we have Welven feeling like the man when he walk through.

Thereafter, we have him defending himself against a homie who said that Welven does not have a horde of women after him; or as they so crudely put it, that he ‘don’t got no b*tches’.

And finally, we have Welven’s claim to fame, where he pranked the person on the other end of a phone call; a prank call that gave birth to ‘deez nuts!’

These videos are only a small part of Welven’s story though. Welven is a young man, possibly in his early 20s, who lives in Compton, California. Welven comes from a loving family; he was raised by his aunt and lives with his cousins as well. His cousin so fondly expresses Welven’s character, stating that he has always been a hilarious guy since he was a child and always had them laughing.

How do I know all this? Because, so famous has Welven become that there exists a series of webisodes that details days in the life of Welven da Great. It is titled ‘The life of Welvendagreat’; search for it on Youtube.

Since Welven’s ‘deez nuts’ video found its way to the internet, he has become an overnight sensation. He has exploded into fame, and his videos have taken over social media (Check out his ‘deez nuts’ compilation below)

Will Welven sustain the level of fame that he has achieved? Will he move onto greater things or will he become just a passing fad, like Bobby Shmurda and his Shmoney dance? Let’s wait and see. He already has webisodes though; must be a good thing, right?

By: Doug L Fresh

Writer and Poet; has an unhealthy obsession with Outkast