Dej Loaf BlackLet’s call a spade a spade—females rappers sometimes have a harder hill to climb than men. Outside of video vixens or side-chicks looking to propel their sexcapades into a lucrative reality show contract, its a rare occasion to see the ladies stand tall next to their male competition. But Dej Loaf is different. While she lacks the gimmicks or artificial enhancements of some of her female contemporaries, her organic approach is bringing sexy back in ways that will not likely posterize the walls of Lil Kim- and Nicki Minaj-lusting adolescents.

By far, the most intriguing aspect of the 23-year-old is her hard rock personality, rooted in the sort cocksure self-assurance that only a Detroit native could exude. Loaf is entirely comfortable penetrating a crowded landscape with the Nickis, Iggys, and Azealias of the world currently donning gold patons, and despite whatever hard-knock lessons that helped mold her demeanor, the direct cause of this exemplary confidence is a deeply intriguing creative output to rest her laurels on. Sell Sole is an inarguable indicator that Loaf is bypassing mere Internet hype and is on the road to superstar status.

Dej Loaf

It’s much too early to compare Loaf to legendary female MCs at this point, but she truly has no real comparison in terms of her ability to flawlessly mesh sing-song deliveries with unadulterated rhyme schemes that bleed graspable, relevant transparency. From this point forward, it’s probably safe to say we will never witness an “Anaconda”-like video from Loaf, but it is impossible to take our eyes off of a refreshing ex-factor in an age where originality is exponentially becoming a lost art. It remains to be seen whether she will continue to hone her burgeoning talents and ignore the industry politics that have claimed the metaphorical lives of talented one in the past. But whether the industry is ready or not, Def Loaf will be around for the long haul.