demytifying twitter

To the newbie, twitter is a sea of confusion. Just learning the basics of twitter is headache. Many people sign up thinking it is more or less the same as Facebook to their utter astonishment. As far as social networks go, twitter is the most complex. But with all that, I’d still say it is the most interesting. There is always something going on. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes something of an addiction.

But twitter is a preserve of the few. You have to be intelligent and in the scoop of things to enjoy twitter. The ignorance aired on Facebook is frowned upon. Since Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) pass judgment over a large number of issues, there are plenty of restrictions toward joining this group. KOT have fun. They are a law unto themselves and to get into the group, you have to get understand the terminologies and get the inside jokes, otherwise you’ll just have to watch by the sidelines.

I will not tackle the basics. Those you can learn from rote. However, there are some other terms popularly used by KOT that I will explain;

  1. Tweep- This, at its most general meaning, is someone on twitter. Depending on the context, it might mean someone you follow.
  2. TL- Timeline. This is the page that displays tweets from people you follow. KOT are fond of judging the TL. Either it is boring or on fire.
  3. Bigwig- A tweep that has many followers and commands a lot of influence. These are the people who run twitter and initiate trending hashtags.
  4. Avi- Avator. It is one’s profile picture.
  5. Oomf- It’s an abbreviation for ‘One Of My Followers’. Used when you want to refer to something a tweep has said or done.
  6. Tweef- Tweefing with someone is beefing with him/her on twitter. It is a twitter war between two tweeps and these are very common among KOT. Tweefs can also be among groups. KOT like tweefing with tweeps from other countries.
  7. Subaru- When you Subaru someone, you tweet him without putting the @ sign. This means that although the tweet is about him/her, it will not appear in his mentions. Subarus are common during tweefs.
  8. Troll-Trolling someone is intentionally angering or frustrating someone. These, also, are common on twitter. An innocent post or question can be result to trolling.
  9. Uchomoki- Behaviour that is considered stupid or inappropriate by the twitter police. It is important to note, however, that almost everything is uchomoki on twitter.
  10. Upus-It lies on the same pane with uchomoki and is used after a tweet to show that someone has tweeted nonsense(upuzi).
  11. Smh-Means Shaking My Head. Tweeps smh at tweets they consider arrogant and it is a way of expressing regret at the display of arrogance.
  12. Grammar Nazis- These are tweeps who comb the TL looking for grammatical errors and typos then proceed to troll you.
  13. The Thirst-Used to flag tweets that deem one to be horny even he/she necessarily isn’t.
  14. Catfish- A fake twitter account.
  15. Monologue- A series of tweets where a tweep gives a story or advice on something,mostly confessions.