First love is, to say the least, a bitch. It is that scar that stays with you forever. It might fall off with time but leaves a scab, a constant reminder of the injury. First love sticks with you much the same way, though you move on and love plenty of other times, that first one is the only one that remains when all is scraped bare. It forms your perception toward love as a whole.

If love is a mystery then first love is a mysterious mystery. The feelings are so new and intense they almost always mutate to obsession. Both parties believe they cannot live without the other and the intensity of their feelings blinds them to whatever truths that deviate from their convictions.

To understand first love and its machinations it is necessary to imagine at what period it strikes-right in the throes of puberty when a teen’s mind is a mass of confusion and unknown feelings. One happens to be transitioning from the naiveté of childhood to the flippancy of adolescence. They are at the most vulnerable state when first love strikes and for lack of prior knowledge, fall prey to its trap. The initial feelings are so strong to the point of overpowering. Life at that point rotates around one’s love interest and the idea of them ever being apart is unthinkable. To all first lovers, theirs is the love others are searching for.

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After some time, though, reality checks in. Love is one thing, relationships are another and the two don’t necessarily depend on each other to thrive. The relationship starts crumbling. Trouble begins brewing in paradise and everything goes south. Since this is an alien concept to the first lovers, it rips them apart. Obsession heightens. Betrayal glares. The first break up has the potential to tear one into pieces because the effect is so immense. Like I said before, this is not something that first lovers ever envisage. To them, only ‘Happily Ever After’ lies ahead. When they find that the road to happiness is full of sad stops, it shatters them. They sink into depression, think of each other’s betrayal and make endless plots to get their partners back or if they can’t, get back at them.

But ultimately, however long it takes, they get over it. They look back in hindsight and wonder whatever they saw in the first place. This of course is after they’ve been in other relationships and got the basics of love.

So,is first love the truest? I wouldn’t say so. First love is that first smack when a baby is born. It must cry. First love is the surest.