In Kenya, socialites have mastered the art of reeling Kenyans in into their world of falsified glitz and glamour. Have a good phone, with a camera with a high resolution camera, and just like that, you can source a lifestyle that ordinary people can only dream about. But why must raunch and hyper-sexualization of the self be a part of the ‘socialite’ package? They set unrealistic standards of beauty that are contrary to people’s innate beauty. If so, why do these perceptions of beauty appeal to many people?

Let’s examine a few:

  1. Vera Sidika


Born on September 30th, 1989 in Mombasa, Kenya, Vera has become a staple in the Kenyan media as a video vixen, business person, model and ‘socialite’. She gained popularity after she appeared in the music video for the song ‘You Guy’ by Kenyan hip-hop group P-Unit, released in 2012.

A little fact that most people might not be privy to is that this was not Her first appearance in a music video. Only 4 years earlier, she was the lead in the ‘UnatakaNini’ by Kenyan artist, Prezzo. In 2014, she appeared in the video for the song ‘Carry Go’ by Nigerian-American artiste Davido featuring D-Black.

2. Risper Faith


Risper Faith is a model and a student who isn’t shy to flaunt her appealing physicality.

3. Corazon Kwamboka


Corazon Kwamboka is a law graduate from the University of Nairobi class of 2013. The socialite gives new meaning to the word bootylicious and is not afraid to put her famous curves on display.

4. Huddah Monroe



Born, Alhuda Njoroge, Huddah Monroe is a staple in Kenyan media. Controversy assails her, among them being the fact that she was running broke and therfore in the unlikely position of sustaining her fast paced glamorous life.

However coveted this lifestyle might seem, it has a shelf life. One is only as marketable as their youth allows.

By Vera Maina