Well you probably have a couple of plain or old Jeans that you no longer like the look 🙂

I am here to the rescue !

Don’t throw them away ..

Check these ideas on what you can do …right at the comfort of your house …

  1. Aztech Print Jeans 

Aztech print jeans

You need…

  • Pants of your choice
  • Bleaching Agent
  • Permanent Marker

-Dip the length of your choice into the bleach.

-Leave it for approximately 2hrs..

-If the jeans are a medium wash it is easier to lighten them .

-Wash the bleach out and dry them up .

-Start drawing your pattern once dry. (You could see a couple of photos to inspire you before starting.)

-You can draw exactly the same pattern on the other leg.

And that’s it !!

2. Tie and Dye Denim !

Tie Dye Denim

You may need:

  • A sponge.
  • Dyes of your choice
  • White pair of Jeans

-Using the sponge brush ,paint strokes on the front side of the jeans (Start with the lightest colour).

-Paint strokes with the next darkest colour .

-Once the front side is fully painted let it dry and do the same for the back side.

-Don’t forget about the side seams .. Paint strokes to connect the back and front sides.

-Let dry. And Try On ! Let’s Dance !!

You can mix colours to get the one you like .

Remember …using less dye and more water gives a lighter colour.

3. Patriotic Pants 🙂

Kenyan flag

You will require:

  • a pair of jeans
  • an old Kenyan tshrt or cloth with the Kenyan colours of the flag.

-Turn the jeans inside out .

-Use safety pins to attach the fabric to the bottom portion of your leg.

-You can use a different design for each leg.

-Sew the fabric up to the knee region.

-Turn back right-side out and roll up the cuffs to reveal your patriotic pants !

4. Animal Pattern Jeans 

DIY animal pattern jeans by xenia kuhn for fashionrolla.com-6

This is definitely gonna be your best choice if you don’t know how to sew.

-Revamp your favourite jeans by bleaching a pattern on it.

-Literally paint the pattern with the bleach.

-Ensure you protect your hands with gloves and make sure you air the room .

DIY animal pattern jeans by xenia kuhn for fashionrolla.com-3

-You can test your skill first using water .

Wait for about 20mins. you can wait longer if you want to have a stronger bleach effect.

-Wash your jeans without detergent and let them dry.

You are done !!

5. Ombre Jeans.

ombre pants

Everyone has that pair of faded black jeans .

They look rugged and totally spoil the look .

We have a solution !

-Put the bleaching agent in a container .. or a metallic bucket.

-Depending on the kind of design you want ..

-Starting from around the knee region ..dip the half of it into the bleach and leave it for a while ,..till you see a colour change.

-You can remove the upper part and you continue bleaching the lower parts to give an ombre look.

-Wash your jeans without detergent and let it dry.

Rock the new look !

6. Leather Insert

Cut out jeans

Do not get rid of that old leather handbag or jacket .

This requires a bit of expertise in tailoring.

-Cut out the section of your jeans where you want the leather to be inserted.

-You will need a larger leather material to have an allowance for sewing.

-The stitches should be on the inner side of the pants.

-Neatly fold the edges of the leather material and sew them on the inner side of the denim.

-Do the same to the side seam .

You can definitely ask for assistance on this one !

7.Lace Jeans


  • Old pair of your favorite jeans!
  • Lace
  • Sewing thread & Needle (Pick a color that closely matches your jeans)

The same way the leather material is put .

The lace uses the same method.


Let’s bring back lace with a bang !

8. Dotted Jeans

Basic RGB

You will require:

  • A pair of denim
  • fabric paint
  • a circular sponge(size of your choice)
  • a ruler
  • tailors chalk

-Spread out your pair of pants on a flat surface .

-Measure and mark the sections of the pants that you want to put the polka dots using tailors chalk.

-Dip the sponge in the fabric paint and press it on the jeans .

-Wait for the front side to dry completely so that the paint is not all smudged up.

-Do the same for the back side.

-When completely dry .. Wear your “brand new” pants !!!


Let me know of what you think of these ideas 🙂

I mean .. you can even start a business !

I want a percentage of the profits .. lol !!

Bring out the designer in you !