The understanding has always been a less pretty girl who hangs out with a lit crew. This was the meaning until the movie The Duff changed the whole perception. The following is what makes you a duff.

The pull up chicks. They are the home girls who always pull up when something is going down. Mess with their clique and you screwed. They are the muscles of the clique.

The easy one. She likes to flirt with the boys. Always branded as the clique slut. She is an attention seeker, regards herself as the hottest chick in the clique. Eventually she ends up being that girl who no one wants to date.

The bag chick. She is always that chick who keeps watch of the bags, food e.t.c. She tries so hard to fit in hence the extra effort to make everyone happy. The boys identify her so fast because of her booty licker personality.

Mother hen. She is the girl who is in control of everyone else in the clique. She is a cock blocker when it comes to her friends being hit on. The boys will have to impress her first before dating her friends.

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