How can you come to love the world around yourself without finding the beauty hidden within your walls? We all worry what others think yet the opinion that truly matters is your own. Doubting yourself is not a one man’s show as everyone does so. It’s okay to feel that you are not good enough, smart enough or anything else in the same criteria since everyone feels the same, though others may be at a different level of that mutual feeling.

All the successful people we know had their doubts but they only used their doubts as stepping stones to achieve their current status. The saying, “a journey of a million steps begins with one “tells us that you are allowed to stumble a few times before you get back up. Some days will tend to be harder than others, but it will make better days ahead worthwhile. In some way, it means that internally your desire to strive to become a victor is even greater and it will surely push you to be successful than the person you already are.

With a sense of low self-esteem, it is easy to fall prey to the cycle of devaluing yourself and not having the motivation to do anything meaningful to increase our sense of worth. Remember that even some of the most beautiful flowers bloom in the winter through the harshest conditions. Every time you start doubting yourself always think about the achievements you’ve accomplished and those yet to come. Whenever anyone tries to devalue you remember that you are a special being with a purpose. Failure is just an event and a chance to set your priorities right to capitalize on your success because even all the top inventors had to undergo setbacks to create the useful inventions we use nowadays.


Surround yourself with people who will guide and motivate you to unleash the beast in you. As it is impossible to change your past you can change the way you look at it. You can carve out your destiny through your efforts without being bound by fatalism or by your environment. Do not be bound to your failures but use your failures as a foothold as you strive to climb the mountain of success.