Platinumz and Ali K are Bongo’s finest exports. Granted, the two are good at what they do. They have gone out of their way to put Bongo on the world’s map and this has paid off as Diamond ranks among the best African artistes. Both have had their moments of glory, performing around the world and getting recognition with each passing day. But, for all their synonymous success and musical similarity, and perhaps because of it, an unseen rift exists between the two. They have never collaborated and have no plans to which is odd because Bongo artistes,especially the top ones, love collabos.

Their story goes deeper though. Ali Kiba came first and he was unanimously selected as Bongo’s finest, a cloud that he rode for sometime till Diamond came along and took that tag from him. Glory was not the only thing, though. The two have a history of swapping females. Case in point is Jokate and Wema who were instrumental in Kiba’s huge win at Kilimanjaro awards where he bagged six awards while Diamond walked away with only one. That left question marks and surprising insights. Apparently, Diamond’s popularity abroad is not a reflection of his home’s popularity.

With all that going, rumors has had it that the two are beefing but in separate interviews, they confirmed that they have no beef whatsoever. Kiba was speaking with Lilian Muli while Diamond was speaking on Cloud TV. As to the truth of that, I am not so sure. Perhaps there is no beef but there’s definitely bad feeling from both sides. Too much has gone on between the two for them to be at a flat line.