The dust hadn’t settled after Simba parted ways with Zari when he hit it off with a Kenyan lady; Tanasha donna. Tanasha had been following Diamond’s page and commenting on his pics before they hit it off. 

In one of his songs Utanipenda, Diamond clearly takes to predicting their love story with Mama tiff alias Zari. Did he have a clue that the relationship will hit the rocks?

Recently, Tanasha had exposed her baby bump and word has it that they are expecting a baby boy. Zari had bashed Tanasha and warned her to be prepared to raise the kid alone. Recently, his Kenyan fans have been pulling out photos of him and Zari from the archives and praising his fashion sense back then. 

Undoubtedly, Kenyans miss this power couple.  His fans have lamented his dressing style lately. During his days with Zari his fashion sense was on point but recently amechapa. He’s now dressing ‘like a small boy’ as Kenyans have put it.

Could it be that Tanasha has a poor fashion sense unlike Zari? If not, why has his dressing game gone so down lately?  


His fans have also taken to bashing him for recycling clothes which was unheard of when he dated Zari. So how well and how far will Simba and Tanasha go?  

Tanasha had recently posted some cropped photos of her with Simba. Leaving Diamond out of the photos raises so many questions. Is she still in right terms with him? Is she slowly cutting him out of her life?  

Will Simba settle down this time round or should we accept him to be a shitombi forever?  Will it just be another sad love song?