When Neyo jetted into the country on Monday for Coke Studio Africa and proceeded to announce a massive mash up with various artistes, Diamond Platinumz was on the receiving end of a barrage of taunts seeing as his biggest competitor, Ali Kiba, was in that list. 


Their rivalry has always been a bane for Platinumz whose international success is not reflected at home taking into account Kiba’s major win at the Kilimanjaro Awards earlier this year. There has been unspoken tension between the two and despite repeated admission of a lack of bad blood, such rivalry does tend to initiate an enmity of sorts especially when exes come into play( Jokate Mwegelo anyone?)

s1 When Diamond jetted into the country on Monday and booked a room in the same hotel that Neyo was staying, the official excuse was that he wanted to meet the famed songwriter. Little did we know that he had other plans in mind, plans to beat King Kiba in his own game. Apparently, hehas already recorded a collabo with Neyo and it will be coming out soon

To do a collabo with Neyo, Diamond must have had to cough up a pretty penny; proves the lengths he’d go to outshine his musical nemesis. As we wait to hear the song, let’s see how this will play out. King Kiba, your move.