The King of East African Pop, Diamond, has displayed great love for both his home country and Kenya all the same especially after deciding to launch his album A Boy from Tandale in Kenya. He even claimed that Kenya is like his second home and he wish he were born in Kenya after buying a house in Nairobi.  Diamond enjoys a very large fan base in Kenya leave alone his own country Tanzania.

Therefore, all are left wondering could he be the key to resolving the current trade dispute between Kenya and Tanzania? We know he is not a politician but at least when it comes to his music Kenyans and Tanzanians find a common ground. Maybe he could be a mediator between the two countries and help ease the tensions that have already cost Kenyan trade firms over 7.5 billion shillings crossing into this year.  With the fruitless efforts the government have been making it is now quite clear that there is need for a different approach.

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Diamond is a very influential personality in the East African fraternity and so this presents him with a very good opportunity to even extend his influence to the political scene of the region. For sure his opinion would count given the immense impact he has had in globalizing the East African music industry. Given his stature some would even wish that he could become a politician and remold the way the two countries relate since after all, it’s Tanzania that has issues with the Kenyan trade policies.

Considering the fact that the Kenyan and Tanzanian economies combined account for about 76% of the region’s economy it would be very paramount that a solution is sought quickly. Despite the entertainment industry playing a huge role in this, it still faces policies that really barricade its development. Other entertainers would therefore be looking at the likes of Diamond to be able to push for the change of these policies in the region as a whole.

All in all, it’s not new for celebrities and entertainers in East Africa to join politics in order to bring the much needed change. The likes of Jaguar and Bobby Wine are already showing the way. We could only hope for better times ahead as we look up to the ‘Wasafi Records’ founder to give it a try in the political arena. Maybe not now but later on when he decides to retire from music.

By Emmanuel Otieno