It is without a doubt that Diamond Platnumz is the most successful artist in East Africa. He’s even surpassed the likes of Chameleone and Sauti Sol to be the undisputed king of EA music. But with every bit of success and fame comes outrageous rumors.

According to Waza, it is claimed that the Number One singer is using witchcraft to achieve success in music. Claims were leveled against him by a source that had a glimpse of his WCB office table. This observation occurred when Diamond was recently pictured signing a deal with a tomato sauce manufacturer.

A golden model of a human skull were among the things that were on the table.

Top & Below: Diamond seals the deal with the tomato sauce firm. The Golden Skull can be observed at the far right in the top picture.

One of the sources who witnessed Diamond sealing the deal with the tomato sauce firm says the revelation has sparked speculative discussions among him and his colleagues.

“Many are claiming that the skull symbolizes witchcraft activities that the singer could be engaging in; others are saying that the skull indicates that Diamond Platinumz could be a Freemasons member. Some are speculating that either of the two (spell-craft or being a Freemasons member) could be logical explanation to Diamond’s massive wealth. He is, however, in a better position to say the truth.

Another source observed:

“Sculptures like this (human skull) will make his fans cast doubts on his source of wealth and music success,” observed another source.

Diamond in his defense has refuted these claims saying that the human skull model on his office table is just a decoration and has nothing to do with witchcraft.

“I won’t lie to you; no human being or force can uplift someone to top levels other than God. I pray a lot and depend on God for everything and He surely fights my battles.”

“Many have said that I use witchery to succeed; but the truth is I rely on prayers, creativity, determination and discipline. Those are the factors that can guarantee one success in everything that he or she does,”