Diamond is in the country getting ready to wow his fans in Meru. He will be headlining a show at Meru National Polytechnic tonight.

He has managed to have some time to do a few press appearances and has indeed revealed some interesting information.

According to edaily, East Africa’s power couple Zariamond do not live together. Yes, Diamond and Zari Hasan living 1600 miles apart.

Zari lives in South Africa while Diamond resides in Tanzania. Speaking to edaily, the superstar revealed the following

When I met Zari, she was living in South Africa. Most of her businesses are situated in the southern Africa nation, and I do most of my projects in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. So it would be unwise for her to close her companies and relocate to Tanzania.

On my end, it would be rash to move in fully with her in South Africa as I do a lot of my music and business projects in Tanzania. At the end of the day we need money to grow our business empires and better our family. However, I visit her often in South Africa, and she also travels to Tanzania. We have developed a way in which we strike a balance,” Diamond told this writer.

We guess that the couple will have to make more permanent living arrangements seeing as they are expanding their family. The couple will be expecting a son sometime in December.