This year, Diamond has been caught up in a number of cheating scandals. One rumor had it that he impregnated video vixen, Hamisa Mobeto. Remember the time Zari claimed that one of his side pieces left her cheap earrings on their bed. Diamond has never addressed the rumors, till now.


The East African superstar opened up in an interview he had with recently.

What stands out in my lover (Zari) is her ability to understand

I am so proud of her. Since we started our romantic relationship, she knew that I am popular. She is equally popular. I would hear a lot of things said about her, she would hear so much about me

Diamond also expressed that he has no time for women who shamelessly pursue him just because of his celebrity status

But, at the end of the day, it is upon me to stand firm on my principles as a man and see the best way possible to respect my partner, love her, and protect her dignity.

How she stomachs negative news about me should be treating the stories as mere hearsay, and she should accept that such kind of information about me will always be told.

There is no way a lion can pass by a herd of gazelles without people saying it did not feed on at least a gazelle, they will say it ate (a gazelle), even if it did not.

Therefore, I work tirelessly to make my nation, my fans, and my daughter proud. They should look back in history and appreciate my achievements.”

So there you have it form the horse’s mouth, Diamond is not about to step out on his marriage anytime soon. Long live Zariamond !