A lovers tiff here and there is very normal among many couples. Ladies it is very okay to kick your hubby to the couch when he has pissed you off.

Well, celebrity couples must even have a harder time coping with the simplest of issues.

Diamond and Zari’s European tour has hit a sour note according to numerous sources.

The couple had such a heated argument in Sweden, which is one of the European countries featured in the tour dubbed From Tandale to the World

Apparently the couple fell out after Diamond Platnumz invited fans (groupies) on stage to take selfies with him. But the idea did not please Zari as she watched the ladies throw themselves at her husband.

According to a close friend who is with the couple on the tour, the two slept in separate rooms since the issue was not solved on that particular night.


I guess sometimes that ‘family love’ they both display on social media can be misleading.

Source: Bongo 5