Diamond and his wife Zari Hassan were forced to travel to South Africa sometime back to conduct paternity tests on baby Tiffah, a move that was meant to put an end to rumors that he did not sire the little girl.

The rumors and accusations against Zari were too many, and even Diamond’s mother,Sanura Kasim was doubtful that Tiffah was indeed her grand daughter.

Well, the results are out. And Tiffah is indeed Diamond’s daughter.

Diamond’s mother, was taken aback by the news that his son is Tiffah’s father. It is reported that she had her doubts about her granddaughter’s paternity because of the rumors going round on social media.

Diamond could not hide his elation when he received the test results and was quoted saying that he can now face his critics without fear.

“Tifah is my daughter, completely! I am extremely overjoyed by the results (DNA). That’s why I am now freer, happier and having a good time. When you happen to visit my office, you will notice I have hung framed photos of Tifah everywhere. I am not worried at all. I can now courageously face my critics,”

Diamond said.

He also explained why he shed tears upon receiving the test results.

“It (crying) is not an issue. What did you expect me to do after getting results that I dearly needed, especially at a time when sections of the society constantly claimed that I wasn’t my daughter’s biological father?”