Errh I guess by now most of you have been fed the juice. Kevin Hart, comedian extraordinaire, cheated on his beautiful model wife. He then went on to apologize to her and his two kids (from his previous marriage). But he did not explicitly say that he cheated on his wife. So what’s what? Here are the details 

Not so long ago, a video surfaced with Kevin Hart in it. In the video, he is seen in the company of a brunette, then later multiple women. In the video is a man who looks a lot like Hart (it can’t be explicitly confirmed that it’s him because it’s not very clear). He is later seen banging her and then they later get dressed together. Bang! Bang! That is the most damaging part of the video. Mr Creeper much?

Then end of the footage includes a letter claiming that Hart only started the Texas Hurricane Relief Fund as a means of getting ahead of the bad publicity he anticipated would result from the release of the video. Whoever made the video alleges Hart spent the weekend of August 17-20 (his wife’s birthday weekend!) in Las Vegas with her and her friends “drinking, doing drugs and having sex with multiple women at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel.”

Woooah! That’s some big news to handle even for Eniko Parrish, Kevin’s wife. Kevin’s ex-wife, Torrei, also claimed that he had been cheating on her with his now current wife Eniko. Drama on top of drama right? Kevin and Eniko are expecting their first child and she is about 31weeks pregnant. Yoh!

Kevin Hart’s apology, however, did not spare him from getting roasted by fans. Twitter was ablaze with insults and biting memes from haters. One of them wrote, “Kevin Hart is the real Captain Underpants.” Kevin claims that he was set up and that somebody was trying to extort him. He has, however, said he messed up and that he is owning up.

We don’t know what to believe but the good thing is, he is taking responsibility like a man.

You can watch the IG post and decide whether he really had an extra-marital affair.