Vera has been making headlines all over Africa  after snapshots of her small chitchat with Fetty Wap’s peoples went viral. All these happened during her visit to party city Las Vegas! The story was first reported by Olisa TV from Nigeria.



Now check this. The next day Vera Sidika shared a picture of her rocking a red Ferrari cap similar to the one Fetty Wap shared on his Instagram account.



So a few hours ago she decided to address the whole situation on a post on her office Instagram page.

African bloggers can create stories! & since they need free publicity I will give them. So apparently this has been making hEadlines on radio stations across Africa today. Nimeskia hadi kina Bdozen kwenye XXL mmenitaja leo Haya bc Ntakuja kuwatembelea.

Major They don’t wanna see you wearing a Ferrari cap. Wear it anyway! Throwback 12 weeks ago! Before y’all bloggers claim I borrowed a damn Ferrari cap to snap do yo research!!!