Yes I Do

He is at it again. If you’re wondering who, it’s award-winning gospel crooner Willy Paul msafi. The guy keeps guys guessing about his moves, and it’s nice for any artiste. But wait, what’s it with his latest posts? I mean, the lad shared photos of himself and other guys in wedding looks, but the ‘bride’ was cropped from the photo.

In the second photo, the bride was there and guess who? Alaine! Okay, seriously, did Pozee wed Alaine? He said newspapers and bloggers are gonna twist the story, but had stated that “Alaine said yes’, which throws his fans into confusion.

“I love you baby @Alainesinga”, he added.

Look here lads, even his gospel counterpart Bahati did the same last year, then it turned out that it wasn’t really a wedding. It was a scene from a yet-to-be-released (by then) song. That might be the case with Willy Paul.

Alaine on the other hand, posted a photo of the two and said she was so happy to have said ‘I Do’.

Fingers crossed. If really the two married, well, congratulations and all the best in your marriage (rolls eyes from here to Kingston Jamaica ??)