A 30-year-old black man by the name Alfred Olango was shot dead by officer at a Broad Village Shopping Center in El Cajon, US. The officers say that he did not comply with the officers instructions.


The sister to Alfred identified as Sarah cried hysterically in the parking lot after witnessing the shooting, she claimed to call the police to help her with her older brother mental crisis but instead killed the brother. The police said they were called to a parking lot at the Broadway Village shopping center receiving calls of a man not acting as himself. Olango is said to be disabled, but the police claimed he did not look like someone suffering from epileptic seizure.


Two witnesses who had recorded the video of the shooting had their phone taken by police, but the El Cajon police denied having any phones confiscated.

No weapon were found at the scene. As much as he did not comply with police officers, the police who shot him had no right to charge his weapon and put bullets holes on a disabled man.

Alfred Olango is among the 217 blacks killed by police in the States this year. When will this killings stop? Why use a live bullet to stop a disable man? why not use electronic devices, am sure this do not kill or harm anyone.Black killing should definitely stop mostly if a man has surrendered and has no weapon. Police need toy guns now, since the live ones tend to be difficult to use.

Black voice should rise now before its too late.