I’m sure you’ve heard of a million different smoothie recipes but never managed to try most out, right? Let’s face it, we never had time for that anyway. Lucky for you now, with all this free time at hand, you can try out some of these best smoothie recipes- easily made and surprisingly delicious! Make sure you make room for these amazing meals and snack smoothies.

  1. Green Smoothie

Okay, let’s be real. It’s in our wildest dream to have a little more green into our lives. The hardship in gagging it down is a lot to handle. However, when it comes to shifting to a healthy smoothie, a green smoothie is key. You’ll need to blend mango, pineapple, milk, ginger, and avocado for a more creamy smoothie. Go crazy with spinach for a greener look.

  1. Easy Weight Smoothie

If you are a fun of banana then this is for you. It’s an easy weight smoothie with its easy to follow ingredients and a hard to forget flavor. For this mouth-watering smoothie, you’ll need ginger, wheat (use Weetabix as an alternative), strawberry or grated carrot for garnishing, banana, yoghurt, and milk.

  1. Chocolate Chip Smoothie

Part of the struggle is keeping up with our cravings during such times. Double that small chocolate bar into more glasses of smoothies. Why avoid what you love when you can indulge healthily? Say no more, this chocolate smoothie is the perfect blend of protein and chocolate to satisfy your craving. Ingredients: Milk, 1/4 avocado, chocolate bar or cocoa powder, vanilla yoghurt.


  1. Energy Boosting Smoothie

Feeling tired and run down? Try running to the blender at such times. This incredible smoothie mix is an incredible way to get through the day. Take your milk, orange, lemon, cookies, carrot and blend all ingredients