Henna designs are gorgeous. Now you can even incorporate these into nail art. The following steps show you how to do so at home without having to spend money on a nail artist. Remember though you should have a steady hand.

What you need:
 Two contrasting colours of nail polish
 Nail Vanish Remover
 Base Coat and Top Coat
 Think Nail Polish Brush

1) Wash your hands thoroughly and nails with a nail brush. If you had other polish on nails, remove it with the remover, then wash hands again.
2) Apply the base coat (not a must) then wait to dry
Step 13) Of you two chosen colours, make the darker one the base color. Apply evenly then wait till dry
Step 24) With the thin brush, apply just two petals at the corner of your nail. Make sure these petals are real tiny.
Step 35) Draw a semicircle to ‘seal’ the dots in. Don’t put it too close to the petals
Step 46) Paint on minute dots on the inside of the semicircle
Step 57) On the outside of the semicircle, draw on more, but much smaller semicircles, to make it look like flower petals. Wait doe these to dry
Step 68) Between the petals, draw thin lines
Step 79) Engulf these lines in more petals. Wait for these to dry
Step 810) Like step 8, draw thin lines between these petals as well, then add a ‘v’ beside them. To make this ‘blossom’ effect
Step 911) End the design with dots across the ‘blossom’
Complete12) Voila! Henna Nail Art Design!

You can change it, alter it to your liking. This is the beauty of DIYs!!

By Zahra