Dj Creme rose to become the public figure he is is today due  to his smart and calculated moves. He is a darling of corporates and one of the most expensive DJs in Kenya.

He’s alleged sex tape broke the internet earlier on this morning and continues to trend on twitter.Fans have gone to social media to criticize him as others going by #Istandwithcreme hashtag continue to lobby for his humane treatment and respect to his family.



Dj Creme hasn’t directly given a response to these claims but judging by his latest Instagram post he either cares less of this leaked sex tape or he has a very dedicated and smart publicist behind him.




Creme has posted a photo of his family; wife and two kids with caption ‘cooling with The Squad’ while KOT continues to troll him. Kill them with silence, seems like the path he has chosen to tackle what might go down as the mother of Kenyan entertainment scandals.




Dj Creme is still attracting shows all over Nairobi with his slated  shows set to go on as planned and new ones emerge.