Do you remember the incident at B-club early this year? If you do, then you definitely remember that the club’s DJ was shot and hospitalized. Well, months after the incident, DJ Evolve is still recuperating and stories around him continue to grow.

The DJ who worked as the in-house DJ for B-Club was allegedly shot by Embakasi East MP Babu Owino. After spending months in hospital receiving professional care,fans of the famed DJ received news that he had been discharged from hospital. According to a post on the DJ’s Instagram account, he said, “Still have a long way to go but I’ll be back.”

Many took this as a fact that Babu’s statement on the discharging of DJ Evolve to be true. His employer, B-Club also got into the wave and shared a post on social media captioned,”Welcome back home king @dj_evolve (lowkey assassin), we can’t wait to dance to your vibe once this lockdown is over.”

However the club have made a u-turn on the post after it emerged that Felix Orinda,aka DJ Evolve, was still in hospital. DJ Evolve’s dad rubbished claims that his son was at home after being discharged. ” He is still in hospital and as we speak, I’m in the ward with him,”the dad said.

This revelation prompted B-Club to delete their previous post and clarified what they meant in their earlier post. “Hello Please DJ Evolve is still in Hospital. Our Post was to Re-introduce DJ evolve and keep his career relevant to others, so that his fans don’t forget him. Thank You,” reads the post.

Orinda’s dad also revealed that Babu’s claims that the hospital bill had been paid fully was false.”He is still in hospital and as we speak, I’m in the ward with him. The bill is still too high. Babu paid only Ksh5 million of the Ksh16 million bill,”said the dad. this raised questions on why Babu had been lying to the Kenyan public about settling the bill.

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Even as DJ Evolve continues to recuperate, many Kenyans are eager to see that justice is served and that the famed disk jockey recovers completely and goes back to his work.