A controversy of epic proportions seems to be brewing in the Kikuyu pop culture scene. According to a tweet by Francis Muli of the People Daily, DJ Faxto could be facing a visit to the dreaded DCI headquarters after Jeff Mwathi’s family dispute his suicide statement…

The death puzzle of Jeff Mwathi according to a report by Inooro TV;

Jeff Mwathi, 23, was contacted by DJ Fatxo for some interior decoration work in his shop. The excited Jeff called his mother, who currently resides outside the country, to share the good news and also request for some money.

Jeff and DJ Fatxo spent the entire day together and later they went drinking at four different clubs. In the wee hours of the morning, the duo went to Fatxo’s house in Safari Park Estate in the company of some women.

CCTV footage showed that around 4 am, two men left the house and went down to the parking, and looked over. Fatxo’s cousin was also seen making a call and then Jeff fell from the window. His body was reportedly found with his trousers past his knees.

The incident happened on February 22nd, 2023. According to statement provided by DJ Fatxo, the young man committed suicide while nobody else in the house was aware. His family insists that he did not commit suicide as alleged.