Dj Hypnotiq aka Eric Mwendwa and his girlfriend have reportedly broken up.  The two apparently broke up last year, but this is when the news is surfacing.

His former girlfriend Renee Wambui broke the news on her blog earlier this year. She revealed that she had moved to Australia to continue with her education.

“Thank God 2016 is behind us and I pray everyone has a successful 2017 full of peace, happiness, love, and success. I went through 2016 strong but kind of finished it at rock bottom but thanks to great family and friends I have learnt valuable life lessons that will guide me all through. I got to know who has my back and who really prayed for my downfall and sadly it was tough really tough and along the way, I lost my 4-year relationship which was an eye opener for me,” Renee wrote on her blog in January.

The split with DJ Hypnotiq means that the two will be co-parenting their two year old son

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DJ Hypnotiq with his ex wife and son

Renee however disclosed in her recent post that she was co-parenting with her ex husband despite the distance that separates them. She narrated the struggles of leaving her son Ayden under a nanny’s care.

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“I also learnt a hard lesson, which is learning to raise a child alone and the act of coparenting. Biggest lesson learnt is to compromise. I have given up so much just to see my child is happy and being an only child meant I have to give up my own comfort and happiness for my own kid. Trust me it is tough!!” Wrote Renee.