Over the past weeks, there has been a heated debate on whether DJs should pay the 15000 license or not play local music at all. Artistes turned up to air their views since the two work together and there has been major side taking on that. Some such as The Kansoul,Octopizzo,Elani Cece Sagini Jay A and producer Kevin Provoke have taken to the DJ’s side saying that DJ’s should be respected while others such as Eko Dydda and Makadem have been adamant that DJs should be pay since they benefit from playing free music.

The argument has been on going with concrete points from both sides but now it seems the odds are on the DJs’ favour as KAMP and PRISK have suspended the implementation of the license fees indefinitely to allow for consultation and negotiations.

However, DJs will still have to pay for the CTP (Communication To The Public) License for them to continue playing or using local music for commercial purposes.

Here’s the press release;


Joe Black